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Received AHRQ Dissertation Award

I'm pleased to report that I have received a dissertation award from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). A description of the dissertation project follows.

User Interfaces for Communicating Inpatient Medication Therapies

There has been limited research to date that explores the impact of providing hospitalized patients with access to health information technology. This research will yield new insights into how such technology can be used to educate and engage hospitalized patients and their families, by developing a tablet-computer-based user interface with which hospitalized patients and their families can review their medication information. It will advance scientific knowledge in the field of patient-clinician communication, demonstrate new technical capabilities for sharing information among patients and their care team, and explore potential improvements to patient engagement, knowledge, and satisfaction.


The screenshot above shows the welcome screen of a custom inpatient version of our institution's personal health record portal, developed with David Vawdrey and Oliver Yang (data shown here is for a sample patient). I am currently extending the inpatient portal to support patient-friendly views of medication therapies.