June 2014 Archives

I am delighted to be working with Aarti Sekhar, MD at Emory Healthcare and Stephen Simoneaux, MD  at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) to investigate how access to pediatric radiology reports can be broadened to include a care community consisting of patients and their family members. 

Our research pursues insights into how family members of pediatric patients interact with the CHOA Personal Health Record (PHR) portal to access and utilize diagnostic radiology reports along with other forms of diagnostic testing. We are studying how access to this information subsequently impacts patient-provider communication: how information is shared among patients and their care team in practice and how the portal can be used to deliver these reports while educating and engaging pediatric patients and their families. Finally, we are discovering important methodological specifications for designing a larger study to further investigate the links between access to diagnostic radiology reports and patient engagement, knowledge, and satisfaction.  

Our proposal, Utilization of Diagnostic Radiology Reports by Pediatric Patients' Family Members, was recently slated for funding by the Georgia Tech/Institute for People and Technology and CHOA seed grant program.