Solutions Experience Lab
The IBM Solutions Experience Lab (SEL) in Austin, Texas delivers demonstrations (solutions, technologies, prototypes) in "real world" settings. I had the honor of mentoring interns for an Extreme Blue project to allow customers to experience the lab remotely, through a "virtual viewer." (Lab Brochure)

Smart Surveillance
The IBM Smart Surveillance Solution, developed by the Exploratory Computer Vision Group at IBM Watson, monitors and captures video data while applying intelligent analytics to real-time and recorded video.  I designed an end-to-end video security solution which extended the surveillance technology, and developed a security dashboard using WebSphere Portal.

Discourse Markers in Speech
For this project, I assisted in examining the effect of contextual and acoustic cues in the disambiguation of three discourse-pragmatic functions of the word 'okay' in spoken language. I developed study instruments and assisted in design and analysis of an experiment to understand how speakers and listeners disambiguate cue phrases so that systems can convey terms with the appropriate meaning and interpret user input as intended by the user. (ACL '07 Presentation)

Speech Summary Browser
While assisting Julia Hirschberg and Sameer Maskey with speech summarization research, I created a browser to allow users to load audio files of CNN News Broadcasts that are accompanied by transcripts. Users can explore the document via different browsing techniques: a time slider, search bar, the transcript of the audio (user can play the audio segment that corresponds to their selection in text) and an "outline view" of the document headlines, stories, and speaker turns. (Screen Shots)

Smart Portals
IBM Extreme Blue project

Co-designed and co-developed an integrated Portal solution based on WebSphere Portal to improve recommendations, alerts, and reporting.

Tout Fait
Assistant Editor

A journal dedicated to the work of Marcel Duchamp. Contributed articles, assisted in editing content, contributed graphic design and interaction design. Writing sample: Transformation and Tradition: Interview with Sanford Biggers (Vol. 2, Issue 4).

Contact Info

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Georgia Institute of Technology
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June 22–26 ACM FCA Meeting (San Francisco, CA)

June 8–15 ACM DIS 2017 (Edinburgh, UK)

May 22-June 6 EAI PervasiveHealth 2017 (Barcelona, Spain)

May 6-11 ACM CHI 2017 (Denver, CO)


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