Paper on family-centered radiology reporting tools

RadReport Our paper on designing diagnostic radiology reporting tools for adolescent patients and their family members has been conditionally accepted for presentation at ACM CHI 2017. Our prototype tools support abstracted, visual explanations of anatomical concepts and collaborative review and communication of diagnostic imaging data through interactive user interfaces. Our paper reports on a pilot study of the new reporting tools with oncology patients (n=14), their parents (n=14) and their clinicians (n=5), to gauge acceptance of the prototype in the clinical oncology setting and identify needed improvements to our design.

Supporting Families in Reviewing and Communicating about Radiology Imaging Studies
Matthew Hong, Clayton Feustel, Meeshu Agnihotri, Max Silverman, Stephen Simoneaux, Lauren Wilcox. Proc. ACM CHI '17, The 2017 annual conf on Human Factors in Computing. Denver, CO. May 2017 (To appear)