Paper on self-tracking for mental wellness


We conducted formative studies to better understand both expert perspectives on and student experiences with self-tracking to support mental wellness goals. Our paper describing these studies has been accepted for presentation at ACM CHI 2017.

Self-tracking has been shown to play an important role in managing physical health, but we do not yet have a comprehensive understanding of the role of self-tracking in mental wellness contexts. Focusing on stress management, we examined the experiences and challenges of those who actually self-track to achieve mental wellness goals, through a survey with 297 students. We complemented student perspectives with findings from a study with 14 student health professionals, from two universities, who participated in a qualitative study examining the role of self-tracking for student mental health and wellness. Our paper discusses ways that self-tracking can enable improved understanding of student stress and approaches to stress management and identifies situations in which self-tracking is not useful as a strategy of management.

Self-tracking for Mental Wellness: Understanding Expert Perspectives and Student Experiences
Christina Kelley, Bongshin Lee, Lauren Wilcox Proc. ACM CHI '17, The 2017 annual conf on Human Factors in Computing. Denver, CO. May 2017 (To appear)