Supporting Teens' Participation in Their Healthcare
Adolescents with complex chronic illnesses, such as cancer and blood disorders, must partner with family and clinical caregivers to navigate risky procedures with life-altering implications, burdensome symptoms and lifelong treatments. We are investigating how the design of sociotechnical systems can support these partnerships. (more >)
Consumer Tools for Health Information Search
We created a technology probe for a formative study to better understand how search results can be augmented to enable non-experts to better assess medication-related web search results. The probe was developed by applying text-processing techniques and probabilistic generative topic modeling approaches to a large collection of web-based resources. Hospitalized patients used the probe to search for information about their inpatient medications.  (more >)

MyNYP Inpatient
MyNYP Inpatient is a custom Personal Health Record portal that allows hospital patients to access nearly real-time clinical information. After developing a prototype portal for inpatient use, we are now focused on engaging clinicians and patients in usage studies to learn more about inpatient information needs and user-centered design for this space. (more >)

Designing Patient-Centered Information Displays
This project included formative studies to explore how technology can be designed to keep patients more informed about aspects of their own care through the creation of abstractions of information in the EHR, and short explanations to annotate data. (more >)

Supporting Collaboration Among Clinicians
These ongoing projects focus on creating and evaluating technologies that support awareness of information flow between clinicians, and enable teams to coordinate care tasks. (more >)

This research explored new presentation techniques through which medical progress note content can be recommended during note editing, and new interaction techniques for effectively browsing, selecting, and inserting these recommendations directly into the notes. (more >)