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Uploaded ACM CHI Madness Videos

These short videos were shown as research talk previews, at the ACM International Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)

Initiating a search for online health information can lead to overwhelming long web pages and health articles. We found that it is feasible to extract short summary sentences from online sources, and surveyed both physicians and patients to understand features of quality summaries.

The quality of hospital care that patients receive has been shown to be dramatically affected by their basic understanding of clinical events. Electronic health records are beginning to make vast amounts of data available to clinicians, but there is also a tremendous opportunity to use information in the electronic health record to directly impact patient experience. We explored patient-facing views of health record information, formatted for large, in-room, information displays. 

Clinical documentation remains a time-consuming task for ICU physicians. We engaged a group of these physicians in a multi-phase design process, including fieldwork in two ICUs, and the creation of high fidelity prototype, activeNotes, that allows information retrieval and tagging of note content within the document editor.
This Health Tech Today video showcases patient-centered software prototypes developed at Microsoft Research. The demo of the patient information software showing 'What's Next', medication information, and lab information are based on our formative study and design work in an urban emergency department.